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Lead Senior Financial Analyst - Oakland, CA
Description: Provides project, service line or product line management, management consulting, analytical decision support services or technical expertise for a broad array of financial and operational issues. Responsible for more complex multi-faceted projects and analyses across disciplines and functional areas. Assists in developing performance monitoring process and coordinating compilation, interpretation and presenta...
Reference Code: 376641
Associate Account Manager II Large Group Account Management East Bay - Oakland, CA
Description: Manage business processes that support achieving & maintaining optimal business position in order to sustain & grow membership. Promote group Account Mgmt client servicing functions & preparation of information to existing accounts to ensure deadlines are met & a timely response given to inquiries. Create sales opportunities through targeted external customer facing enrollment activities, effective relationshi...
Reference Code: 378094
Sales\Account Management Support Specialist II National Accounts West Team - Burbank, CA
Description: The Sales/Account Management Support Specialist is responsible for performing all administrative duties that support the sales or marketing teams, as specified by the department's standard office routine, practices, procedures, and instructions. Essential Functions: - Provide strong clerical support for the sales and account management team. Respond to incoming phone calls and e-mail inquiries from various cha...
Reference Code: 368180

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