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Pharmacy Supervisor Gaithersburg Medical Center - Gaithersburg, MD
Description: Job Number: 294767 Manages pharmacy operations for specified pharmacy service and provides leadership to ensure caring, comprehensive, efficient, economical and consistently high quality service in accordance with the departmental standards and government laws and regulations. This position has all supervisory, managerial, and administrative responsibilities including hiring, training, evaluating, disciplining, and termin...
Reference Code: 294767
Pharmacy Benefits Coordinator Sterling VA - Sterling, VA
Description: Job Number: 293795 To manage the implementation and administration of market competitive, cost-effective, quality based drug benefits which meet applicable federal and state regulatory requirements and coordinate the administration and processes of the pharmacy benefits. Essential Functions: - Coordinates and manages the accurate and consistent configuration, implementation administration, maintenance, monitoring, process...
Reference Code: 293795
Data Consultant - Redwood City, CA
Description: Job Number: 291304 Under general supervision, this position exists to assist the organization in making strategic data-related decisions by analyzing, manipulating, tracking, internally managing and reporting data. This position functions both as consultant and as a high-level statistical analytics programmer. Essential Functions: - Designs and enhances databases. - Designs menu systems that are effective and user-friendl...
Reference Code: 291304

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