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DURATIONAL Product Management III - Pleasanton, CA
Description: Job Number: 285021 The Product Management job function is responsible for all product management activities for an existing product line and/or product category. The Product Management job function is responsible for leading work throughout the product management process.The Product Management function will ensure that the products brought to market meet customer (e.g., member, broker, consultant, purchaser, internal cust...
Reference Code: 285021
Dietary Aide - Fontana, CA
Description: Job Number: 276119 Prepare, assemble, rethermalize and serve food to patients, cafeteria patrons & catered events. Perform dishwashing and other sanitation duties. Essential Functions: - Uphold KP's policies & procedures, principles of responsibilities & applicable state, federal & local laws. - Assemble/ prepare patient, cafeteria, & catering food to include entree, salad, dessert, beverage, nourishments. - Prepare tray ...
Reference Code: 276119
Direct Marketing Online Project Manager - Burbank, CA
Description: Job Number: 276753 The Direct Response Marketing Department is responsible for developing and implementing targeted direct response marketing strategies to support business line growth objectives. Active engagement in a range of responsibilities, including assisting in all aspects of the Marketing Communication implementation to support direct response marketing and brand strategies; supporting the senior staff in the dev...
Reference Code: 276753

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