Rehab Services Jobs

Job Title Location Date Posted
AudiologistOakland, CA09/23/2016
Occupational Therapist Home HealthOakland, CA09/22/2016
Physical TherapistSan Bruno, CA09/21/2016
Physical TherapistSan Bruno, CA09/21/2016
Senior Physical TherapistSan Bruno, CA09/21/2016
Senior Physical TherapistSan Bruno, CA09/20/2016
Site Supervisor Respiratory CareOakland, CA09/12/2016
Respiratory Care Practitioner I Grade 725Oakland, CA09/06/2016
Physical Therapy Assistant I Grade 585San Bruno, CA09/01/2016
Sr Physical TherapistOakland, CA08/24/2016
Sr Physical Therapist (On Call)Oakland, CA08/17/2016
Doctrate Of Audiology ExternshipOakland, CA08/12/2016
Physical Therapist Clinical SpecialistFremont, CA08/10/2016
Physical TherapistFremont, CA08/10/2016
Sr. Physical Therapist OutpatientFremont, CA08/10/2016
Physical Therapist Home Health HospiceOakland, CA08/05/2016
Speech Therapist SpecialistOakland, CA08/04/2016
Physical TherapistOakland, CA07/27/2016
Sr Physical TherapistOakland, CA07/27/2016
Occupational TherapistOakland, CA07/27/2016
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Occupational Therapist Home Health - Oakland, CA
Description: This job is limited to Occupational Therapists who are required to make home visits at any given time, or who have responsibilities which include working in the patients' place of residence. In accordance with agency policy and state/federal regulations, provides independent, age-appropriate occupational therapy evaluation and treatment to patients. Teaches patient/family and care givers preventative and rehab...
Reference Code: 510846
Physical Therapist - San Bruno, CA
Description: Responsible for the physical therapy management of patients under the direction and supervision of the Rehabilitation Services Director. Essential Functions: - Evaluates patients and interprets evaluation findings to determine the nature and extent of dysfunction. Establishes treatment goals and plans treatment to achieve established goals. - Initiates discharge planning from physical therapy. Implements the t...
Reference Code: 523178

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