Pasadena Jobs

Job Title Location Date Posted
RNP I\PA I PDPasadena, CA03/26/2015
RNP I\PA I PDPasadena, CA03/26/2015
Recruitment ConsultantPasadena, CA03/26/2015
Health Data Analyst IIPasadena, CA03/26/2015
Health Data Analyst IIIPasadena, CA03/26/2015
Web Design Intern UndergraduatePasadena, CA03/26/2015
Research Project Manager \ Sr. Research Project ManagerPasadena, CA03/24/2015
Patient Billing Resolution Representative (On CALL)Pasadena, CA03/24/2015
CM OS Utilis RN PDPasadena, CA03/24/2015
CM OS Utilis RN PDPasadena, CA03/24/2015
SSD Tech Support Rep (Device and Clinical Technology)Pasadena, CA03/24/2015
Masters Level Student TempPasadena, CA03/24/2015
Project Manager IIPasadena, CA03/23/2015
Administrative InternPasadena, CA03/21/2015
SSD Sr Health Care Systems SpecialistPasadena, CA03/20/2015
SSD Sr Health Care Systems SpecialistPasadena, CA03/20/2015
Tansplant Programs Practice Specialist TemporaryPasadena, CA03/20/2015
Sr AccountantPasadena, CA03/20/2015
Transitional Work Coordinator HR Modified Duty ProgramPasadena, CA03/20/2015
Auditor IIPasadena, CA03/20/2015
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RNP I\PA I PD - Pasadena, CA
Description: Nurse practitioners (NP) provide health care services to patients who may have acute episodic conditions or chronic problems, as well as those seeking health evaluation, preventive care and/or education and counseling. NPs provide care in areas within KP in primary care or specialty departments consistent with their educational preparation following the Regional Standardized Procedures and Process Protocols fo...
Reference Code: 339365
Recruitment Consultant - Pasadena, CA
Description: Responsible for delivering effective, proactive and responsive recruitment/workforce management consultative services to include workforce planning, career services, retention strategies, recruitment and diversity. Consults with hiring managers to develop strategic recruitment plans to source the best match of candidates to positions through cold calling, networking, etc.; resume evaluation, candidate assessme...
Reference Code: 335733

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