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Operating Engineer Plant Los Angeles, CA

Under general supervision, the Operating Engineer performs a variety of routine or skilled preventive maintenance duties in the repair, alteration, & modification of buildings, equipment & facilities.
Essential Functions:
- Upholds KP's Policies & Procedures, Principles of Responsibilities & applicable state, federal & local laws.
- Inspects equipment & facilities for proper operation & working condition; maintains routine records & determines type & extent of any malfunction of equipment and, as necessary; adjusts, disassembles & repairs or replaces parts or components, reassembles & tests for proper operation.
- Reports more serious problems to Chief Engineer for instructions or maintenance scheduling.
- May attend to gas fired steam boilers, hot water boilers & heaters; may make necessary adjustments to assure proper steam pressure, combustion, water flow, water level & proper operation of safety devices & auxiliary equipment.
- Tests boiler water & adds chemicals as necessary.
- May service & make repairs to heating, air conditioning & refrigeration equipment including fans, motors, radiators, thermostats, dampers & regulating controls; replaces filters & fluids as necessary; & maintains routine records of repairs.
- Performs a variety of general semi-skilled to skilled maintenance, alteration & repairs to machinery, equipment or facilities as assigned or in accordance w/ basic skills & abilities, & standard procedures, diagrams or manufacturer instructions, i.e., performs routine electrical maintenance, replacement or alteration of circuit wiring, switches, control equipment & mechanisms, motors, transformers, relays, generators, appliances, fixtures, alarms, communication equipment, etc.
- Performs general mechanical maintenance of hospital & clinic equipment, kitchen equipment, office machines & equipment, etc.
- Normally excludes specialized & highly technical x-ray & surgical equipment requiring specific training, experience & materials.
- Performs general plumbing maintenance - maintain, repair & make alterations to steam, gas, water, air, & sanitary plumbing pipes & fixtures.
- Bend, cut, ream & thread pipe, wipe joints, test joints & pipe systems for leaks
- Repair leaks & clear drain stoppages.
- General welding - cutting, joining metals not requiring critical test tolerance or certification.
- Performs a variety of routine maintenance duties such as repair & assemble extension cords, replace fuses, fluorescent ballast's & tubes, clean & lubricate motors & other machinery.
- Clean sink & grease traps, replace & re-pack valves, assemble equipment, repair drape pull mechanisms & related items.
- Performs a variety of routine manual duties as required, such as moving supplies, furniture, equipment, removing trash, scrap material, & replacing light bulbs, etc.
- Establishes & maintains courteous, cooperative relations when interacting w/ other personnel, Health Plan members & the public.
- Performs other related duties as required.
- Assume other activities & responsibilities from time to time as directed.


Basic Qualifications:
- Three (3) to Five (5) years of experience with in the last year in Building Plant Operations and Maintenance.
- Associate of Arts Degree in Engineering or technical disciplines in Plant Operations, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, or equivalent.
- Unlimited Stationary Engineers' license (LA City) or comparable license issued by legally constituted municipality in which a facility is located.
- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Refrigeration License, 608 or must be obtained within six (6) months of hire.
- Valid CA Drivers License.
- Ability to demonstrate knowledge of equipment, controls, & building automation maintenance.
- Ability to read & interpret blue prints, schematic drawings & technical manuals.
- The Employer reserves the right to review & modify these requirements during the term of the agreement pursuant to paragraphs 1819 & 2101 in the Labor Agreement.

- Must flexible to work weekends.

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