Meet Chris Ewing

Area Clinical Technology Manager in the Northern California Region, Former Captain, United States Air Force


Chris Ewing joined KP in 2012 after serving eight years in the Air Force, ending his military career as a Captain (O-3). Chris earned two Commendation Medals, 10 corporate awards, and educational recognition for providing outstanding service and excellence in instructional curriculum design and teaching. He’s still actively involved in the academic community, teaching courses at Touro University Worldwide and serving on dissertation committees.

He thinks Kaiser Permanente is a great place to work for veterans:


KP is committed to bringing more veterans into our workplace and in July we launched the Junior Military Office (JMO) program, a two-year rotational program designed to transition high-performing military officers into successful Kaiser Permanente careers. Chris sees the JMO program as a great addition to our veteran recruitment strategy. "I love working for an organization that recognizes the proven leadership capabilities and valuable experience that Junior Military Officer (JMO) veterans bring to the table. This program provides an opportunity for these men and women to orient to the civilian workforce and our unique community in Kaiser Permanente."

He recognizes the value of giving back:

In April 2014 he donated a kidney through the UC Davis Transplant Center. Chris didn’t know who’d receive it, but he knew thousands of people need one. “I just think it’s the right thing to do,” Ewing said. “I don’t need two, and thousands of people need one.” Hear more about it from Chris in this video.

Advice for Transitioning Veterans Interested in Kaiser Permanente’s Opportunities

“Do your research. Know what you are looking for that will satisfy your priorities. How much do you need to make in the part of the world you want to live? Do you want to travel? Is pay more important that job satisfaction? Use the resources that are out there: TAP, VA, friends and relatives. Don’t be discouraged if the first thing doesn’t work out; there are many opportunities out there.”

Want to learn even more about career opportunities for veterans at Kaiser Permanente? Hear from other veterans, and learn about ways we can support your personal and professional development.

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