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Kaiser Permanente has been recognized year after year for being an organization actively engaged in the pursuit of a healthy, high-performing workplace and workforce. One of the driving forces behind this honor? The unique and innovative Total Health Incentive Plan (THIP).

THIP is collective and voluntary, and encourages Kaiser Permanente employees to make their own health a priority, while building a culture of health in the workplace. The plan measures health improvements and provides rewards on a regional basis rather than health status of individual employees. Unlike many traditional employee wellness incentive programs, there are no penalties for failure to meet health goals.

Workers who volunteer to become health care champions work with their colleagues in the workplace to help them improve their health by setting up programs such as walking meetings and walking clubs, healthy cooking programs and smoking cessation workshops.

Health Plan Stretching
Health Plan Coworkers Stretching

“The incentive plan is a big plus for Kaiser Permanente employees,” said Maureen Fox, RN, Sunnyside Medical Center, Portland, OR. “It’s a great tool that serves to introduce and motivate people to do what they need to do to get and stay healthy. Sometimes you don’t even know until you try to make a change what you’re capable of, and anything that helps you get started is great.”

Here at Kaiser Permanente, health is not only understood to be the responsibility of the individual, but also of the community and the culture which surround them. We believe that health includes physical and emotional well-being and that individual behavior, the environment, and culture all play a role in shaping health and wellness.

Watch to see how team members at the Rockwood Medical Offices in Portland are motivating each other to get healthy — and the impact it has had on them, both personally and professionally:

Ready for Kaiser Permanente to be both your employer and your proactive partner in health? View our available opportunities today.

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