Care Stories: Detecting Breast Cancer Early

Kaiser Permanente employees go above and beyond for their patients because they know that what they do is making a real and lasting impact. And thanks to their persistence and focus on prevention, Geborah Golberger, PhD, is now not only a family therapist and mother of 10, she is also a breast cancer survivor!

In the process of signing up for Kaiser Permanente, Geborah was asked to complete a series of screenings, and she complied – mostly. Upon reviewing her file, one of our nurse practitioners noticed she had completed all but her mammogram.

She put it off for a while, but after Kaiser Permanente employees called, sent emails, and even wrote letters to remind her, Geborah finally decided to complete her mammogram. Unfortunately, it detected something suspicious, and later, an ultrasound confirmed that she had early stage cancer.

Luckily, her cancer had been caught when it was still very small. “About as small as we can detect on the imaging,” said Jan Takasugi, MD, General Surgeon at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center. And because it was caught so early, it was treatable with five days of partial breast radiation.

In hindsight, Geborah realizes she did the right thing by getting her screening, and credits Kaiser Permanente employees for pushing her in the right direction. “If I had maintained my stubborn stance, I’d have advancing cancer.”

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